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The Vision

For too long, young adults have thought that managing their finances is difficult and that a real profit in their bank accounts would only be seen in their mid to late adult life

Young Money Savvy is committed to changing that ideology.  Young adults CAN take charge of their current financial life and have peace of mind, knowing that their money has purpose now.

Don't be just savvy. Be Young Money Savvy.

Young Money Savvy was born

Young Money Savvy (YMS) was born when Jeremy Logeot started to educate his peers about money. It was not until 2017, YMS decided to put together a conference.

In the summer of 2017, Jeremy went through an incubator with FLDWRK and decided to pivot the business model.  It's through that process Jeremy built Money Peace Purpose [MP2]. You can watch Jeremy's pitch that concluded the incubator here.

We live in different times, so it's time for a different approach to finances. Let's talk. Let's share. Let's make an impact together.

Currently,Jeremy is going to school in order to become Certified Financial Planners, along with working on getting their securities license to become investment advisers.

Jeremy Logeot, Founder/CEO

Jeremy Logeot, Founder/CEO


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